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On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By admin

Cappawhite NS – Bridie Walshe

Bridie, interviewed by her grand daughter Megan, is a sister to Martin Allen. Bridie was married to Joe Walshe, the local taxi man. They were the last couple to be married in the Old Church in Cappawhite. She loves reading and visits from family and relations.

Topics covered included:

  • Games – Copy House & Tig
  • Picking Berries
  • Hyde Park
  • Emigration
  • Cappawhite Fair
  • Food
  • Connie Carey’s Shop
  • Homemade Bread

  • Schoold Cocoa
  • Self sufficiency
  • Feast Day Customs
  • Lady’s Well
  • Wash Day
  • Sheets made from Flour Bags
  • Religion