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On 08, Sep 2013 | In | By admin

Holy Trinity National School – Tony and Mary Newport

Tony and Mary Newport also residents of Congress Terrace were involved in the retail business in the Main St. for many years. They ran a grocery business and on the death of Tony’s father Bert, took over the running of his newsagents. Mary, nee Kenny was raised on the Green. Tony and Mary have 5 daughters.

Topics covered included:

  • Childhood Games
  • Bigger Families
  • Creating an Ice Rink
  • Hunting Rabbits
  • Rounders
  • Horse & Jockeys
  • Hide & Go Seek
  • Handmade Explosives
  • Housing
  • Schooldays
  • Making Fuel for the Fire

  • Latin Hymns
  • Mass for Tom Coffey
  • The Processions
  • No Socks and Shoes
  • The Railway Station
  • Fairs in Fethard
  • The Joy of Electricity & Running Water
  • Quieter Roads
  • Cycling to Work
  • Lambswool Wigs