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On 27, Sep 2013 | In | By admin

Grange NS – Cllr Liam Aherne

Councillor Liam Aherne interviewed by RuairĂ­ & Thomas Burke, lives in Ballindoney. Husband of the late Theresa Ahearn T.D, Liam has dedicated his life to politics through his involvement as South Tipperary County Councillor and is also the Chairperson of Adult Education and Joint Policing Committees and Vice -Chairperson of South Tipperary Development Company.

Topics covered included:

  • School
  • Emigration
  • Games
  • Starting his own business
  • Farming and changes in it
  • Fair day

  • Fair day
  • His career in politics
  • Theresa Ahern, his late wife and her life in politics
  • His travels and the changes in his local area